Services for advice agencies

PBC has worked with a variety of organisations including law firms, universities, advice agencies, Law Centres, local authorities and corporates. 

PBC is able to tailor its training to individual clients’ needs and budgets with flexibility around venue, format, schedule, duration and content.

Most of the training includes a core element around legal advice and then focuses on one or more areas of social welfare law. We have provided training programmes ranging from a series of weekly lectures to intensive courses over one or two days.

Whether or not an advice agency requires any training, Pro Bono Community is able to provide Law Centres, advice agencies and other advice-giving organisations with trained volunteers. In some cases, PBC may be able to help facilitate dedicated advice clinics from specific law firms or universities whose volunteers have been trained in a specific aspect of social welfare law tailored to the needs of the clinic. If you want to join the growing network of agencies receiving volunteers from Pro Bono Community please get in touch using the link below.


PBC can offer advice agencies and other organisations structured training in legal advice and areas of social welfare law that will equip their staff and volunteers with the skills and expertise they need to be effective.

Advice agencies can join PBC’s growing network of organisations who provide placements for the lawyers, trainees and students trained by PBC.

Law Centres and other advice agencies are able to reduce the resources they need to allocate to volunteer training and recruitment whilst receiving access to a source of well-trained and committed volunteers.

A constant supply of quality volunteers allows Law Centres and advice agencies to increase the number of clients they are able to help.

What people say about our work

"Often our publicly recruited volunteers have limited skills in computers, letter writing and limited understanding of law... PBC volunteers have offered us the fantastic opportunity to work with volunteers that already have an understanding of law and skills in letter writing, research and are computer literate. It has amazed all of our team how thorough the students have been... Our clients have also greatly appreciated the professional manner experienced and have given very positive feedback."
Rhiannon Hughes, Volunteer Coordinator, Advising London